Six days until the Morton, IL Concert on August 9th! This is the concert that is being filmed and will result in a DVD, etc. It’d be so cool if a lot of you came! I have heard from a number of friends and supporters who are making the trip…along with a number of friends and supporters from Illinois planning to attend.

  • The first 100 people through the door will receive a copy of the filmed concert for free!
  • The next 100 folks will be able to order it that night at 50% off.
  • It will be available for everyone in attendance to order that night.
  • Come be a part of this event! You could end up on screen and be a star!
  • Also, a bundle of my CDs, posters, and T-shirt will be given away.
  • Location: Bertha Frank Performing Arts Center, 350 N Illinois Ave, Morton IL, 6pm

Support for The Grey (When Black & White Fade) has been wonderful and is still coming in! The budget has been met, yet the continued pledges are making the album better and better. Because of your givingness, The Grey (When Black & White Fade) will now have an extra song on it…a total of 11 songs. And heightened promotional efforts, increased touring, and music videos are now becoming more and more of a possibility. The cut-off date to get your name listed in the credits of The Grey (When Black & White Fade) has been extended to September 8. For the rest of the kickstarter campaign, you will be able to make a pledge that gets your name listed as a production assistant, an executive producer, an ecclesiastical administrator, an artistic supporter, or a performance facilitator. It was my goal to not put a limit on everyone’s opportunity to be a part of this. Together, we are making something good! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you!

The basics have begun…and I still need your help in reaching the ultimate goal After just ten days, The Grey (When Black & White Fade)’s initial goal of $9000 has been met. I am excited that the album will, in fact, happen. With the new assurance, I recently just finished up the beginning stages of recording work. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of so many. I am never surprised by your giving. We have partnered in the past…and it continues. I still need your help. The initial goal was set lower than the album’s actual budget. This was done in hopes that the goal would be reached and The Grey (When Black & White Fade) would receive “some” funding. This has happened, and the process is well under way!


The Love of God is beyond calculation, yet, we often measure life in black and white. This album explores the grey of life and love. “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)” is both a response and a result. It is a response to God’s grace and it is the result of the Lord’s activity in my life. It is a response to the availability of the Kingdom of God and it is a result of walking through the Kingdom as best as I can. It is a response to the many great people that have been involved in my life and it is a result of their investing themselves in me. “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)” will consist of 10 or 11 songs. It is my goal to release it on September 16, 2014.


We were sitting in a fuzzy’s taco shop in Dallas.

Rick: How are things going?
Mitch:Things are going good. Things are always going good. That doesn’t mean they’re not hard. That doesn’t mean things are always going as I planned them to. I’m continuing to do what I have for years. Ya know…doing concerts. And, every now and then, I’ll make a record to document the songs. Happy to be here in Texas right now…snowy Texas. I never thought I’d put those two words together!