The Grey (When Black & White Fade)

The Love of God is beyond calculation, yet, we often measure life in black and white. This album explores the grey of life and love. “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)” is both a response and a result. It is a response to God’s grace and it is the result of the Lord’s activity in my life. It is a response to the availability of the Kingdom of God and it is a result of walking through the Kingdom as best as I can. It is a response to the many great people that have been involved in my life and it is a result of their investing themselves in me. “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)” will consist of 10 or 11 songs. It is my goal to release it on September 16, 2014.

Why is the album called “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)”? Jesus spent a lot of time and energy talking of the vast, all-encompassing Love of God. In Jesus’ world, life is lived from the heart, soul, and spirit. Jesus speaks of life being fueled by grace and led by love. Calculating our actions, and keeping track of ourselves and everybody else, merely seems to clutter the space in which love moves. Living in the grey of the Kingdom of God is not a way of saying anything goes. It’s not an excuse to do whatever we please, whenever we want to. I think the grey love of God beckons us to examine the motives of our actions.

If you are like me, in the past, I have far too often colored within the lines simply because the lines were there. Living out love wasn’t necessarily my motivation. I did the “right” thing because I assumed it is what I ought to do. With each day, I am know setting out to be guided by the Love of God. Being led by love is a lot more scary, ambiguous, and, yes, grey, than following the steps that have been laid out before us…simply for the sake of the steps. For, that way is safe. It is easy and comfortable. But it isn’t the call. Looking at the world in black and white invokes hard lines and borders. Grey is wide and vast. A black and white approach excludes. Grey’s haziness is all-encompassing.

As many of you know, I began doing concerts with, writing songs with, and being roommates with the late, great Rich Mullins. I believe that Rich was one of the best singer-songwriters ever. I was fortunate to spend a few years trying to glean as much from him as I could. Rich believed in me. He shared his knowledge, expertise, and insights with me and pushed me to become who I am. I was in the car wreck that killed Rich Mullins. The wreck put me in the hospital for a long time…as I was in a coma with a severe closed head injury. I had broken bones and collapsed lungs. I was afflicted with double vision and the loss of my voice. It took years to recover, but I finally did.

Though I miss my friend Rich greatly, thankfully, I have been able to continue doing music. Therefore, I am going to go all out. I want to make something good. I don’t want to just go half-way with anything while making “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)”. I have invested much of myself in this recording. I am very wrapped up in it…creatively, monetarily, artistically, and musically. I am determined. Creating “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)” is something I WILL do. It’s something I HAVE to do. It’s something I MUST do. I am trying to become the person the Lord is creating me to be. Therefore, I will…I have to…I must.

I have set a goal of raising $9,000 to record and release the album. This is the basic minimum needed to make sure this happens. This amount will get the project off the ground and ensure that it becomes a reality. In finically supporting the making of “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)”, you are not merely investing in the record monetarily…you are taking ownership. You will get a “reward” out of the deal. However, your graciousness will far surpass what I can give you in return.

“The Grey” will not happen without you. It will not be everything it could be apart from your involvement and support. We are in this together. In creating “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)”, we will, together, make something good. It is my prayer that this album points you towards the very real things we have to hang onto as we walk through this life.

Over the past number of years, I have done 1500 concerts in 49 states and 13 countries and have recorded 9 albums. I have been driven to do concert after concert, travel mile after mile, write song after song, and make record after record. Day after day. Year after year. The fire still burns. Now, I am driven to make “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)”. How well I can do that is dependent upon your graciousness. Your giving and support will be the determining factor in “The Grey” reaching it’s full potential.

The money that is raised will go towards several things. It will fund using Greenjeans Studios; a super talented recording engineer, Carter Green; wonderful musicians, Michael Aukofer, Carter Green, and Dave Sprinkle; mixing and mastering the album; and the design, packaging, and physical manufacturing of “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)”. It will also make promotional efforts increasingly more possible.

When the goal of $9,000 is surpassed, it will not only make for a better recording, but it will initiate better marketing and promotion, higher quality manufacturing, and more extensive touring. In that moment, I will be overwhelmed with gratitude. Yet, I will not be altogether surprised…based upon the level of gracious support I have received in the past.

So, once again, what “The Grey” becomes will be determined by your “givingness”. I believe in this recording and the notions and faith that are expressed within it. I believe the songs of “The Grey (When Black and White Fade)” will speak. It is my prayer that this recording pushes you from the black and white by which we like to measure life, and towards the immeasurable love of God.

Thank you for considering partnering with me in the making of the “The Grey (When Black & White Fade)”. Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Hard things are good, and good things are hard. This is a risky venture because if the goal of $9,000 is not met, “The Grey (When Black and White Fade)” receives no funding at all. It’s all or nothing…that’s the way kickstarter works. For you, that means your credit card does not get charged until the goal is met. And, if the goal is not met, your credit card is never charged. I am grateful to all you who are willing to take this faith-risk with me. I will do everything I can to make “The Grey” the very best it can be. Even if I am tempted to take it easy and sluff off, I will settle for nothing less than the best I can do. This project WILL come to completion. Otherwise, I would not be faithful to becoming who I am. And, you will receive the reward you have been promised, period.

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