It’s the best Christmas ever!!!

Hey everyone!  A brand new site, and a brand new video for the song “In Other Words”.  Thanks for checking it out.  We’ll be blogging from tour and recording sessions as things happen, and will also occasionally post for no good reason at all.


  1. YAH!!!! The updated website looks GREAT! And the video to “In Other Words” has excellent videography filming. That song is daring and pushes past the status quo and reminds us what Jesus taught – even if we think it in our heart, it is sin. We are all on that list…. “in other words….ME.

    Thank you so much.

    We are traveling back home for Christmas time from Washington State and was checking your concert schedule to see if you were going to be touring the area so we could see you. I am sad that we will miss you in Wisconsin by one month exactly. One month. Big Bummer.

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