Week one of recording “The Acceptance of And” is in the books!

A huge thank you to Jordan Richter at Room 13 Recording Services, Alex (drums and percussion), Ben (bass, keys, viola, other stuff), Lewi (guitars), Paul (guitars and pedal steel), Dave (ideas, demos, 2nd engineering), and especially to everyone who donated or shared updates to try to get the word out.

I’m really excited for you all to hear the record.

Next up, I will listen through everything we did, continue producing, and then will come back to Portland to finish the record in late January.

Thank you.

Things are going great here at Room 13 with Jordan Richter and the band he brought in, Alex, Lewi, Paul, and Ben!

To those who have helped with the financing so far, thank you!  For those who have not gotten in yet, there’s still two days to get in on the rewards for helping us make this record–


Thanks to YOU, we made it!  The IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for “The Acceptance of And”  has reached and exceeded our goal!

Now, on to the stretch goals–we have one week left in the campaign, and here are some stretch goals we’d love to reach.

$5,000 over the original goal, and we’ll do a concert of the songs from the new record front to back, and stream it so everyone can attend.

$10,000 over the original goal, and we’ll do a video for one of the new songs.

$15,000 over, and we’ll do a limited show run with a full band.

See how you can get involved by clicking “The Acceptance of And

Hey everyone!  Thank you so much for getting to the goal with “The Acceptance of And” crowdfunding campaign.

There are some great stretch goals you can check out in the campaign, here:


Thanks again!